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Maximize Your Truck's Potential In Monmouth County: How To Choose Wheels And Rims

Auto Attitude of Monmouth County provides tips on a popular pickup-truck modification. We encourage all of our Monmouth County customers to consider upgrading to aftermarket rims. In fact, one of the first pickup-truck modifications made by many customers is the replacement of stock rims with a more stylish set of aftermarket wheels. Aftermarket wheels set your truck apart from similar models on the road, perhaps more than any other accessory.

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5 Reasons to Install a Custom Exhaust

As many people know, building and designing your car by yourself can be hours of “exhausting” work. The research and experience required to build a vehicle should not be taken lightly. Making an exhaust that sounds good, flows smoothly, and is on the quieter side is far from easy.

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Here's How Different Wheel Sizes Affect Performance

Picture this: you're looking to upgrade your rims or you're optioning out your new car and you get down to the tires and wheels part of the build. You have the option of 17-inch, 18-inch or 19-inch wheels. Which do you choose?

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When Struts And Shock Absorbers Should Be Replaced

Shock absorbers and struts are parts of the vehicle suspension that absorb shocks from the bumps and potholes and keep your vehicle riding smooth and stable. What is the difference between a shock absorbers and a strut? A strut is the shock absorber built into one unit with the coil spring (in the photo). Any car has four struts/shock absorbers; one at each wheel. Most cars and SUVs have struts in the front suspension and shock absorbers or struts in the back.

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Best Suspension Lift Kits for Truck/Car/Jeep

Nowadays it is more and more common, to make modifications to your car with the purpose of generating a better performance or a better aesthetic appearance. Auto Attitudes of Monmouth County encourages you to learn about coilovers and how they can improve your truck, car, or jeep.

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What You Need To Know About Auto
Lighting And Highway Safety

A recently forwarded petition sought revision of the federal lighting standard to ban any light that is "blinding, dazzling, distracting or otherwise causes pain and damage to the eyes of onlookers." Auto attitude provides its Monmouth County customers the details of federal specifications and requirements for car and truck lighting.

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Why Would I Want To Lift My Ride?

Most people have a unique style that personalizes their truck, jeep, SUV or car. Not only does this enhance their commute, but it adds to the feeling of individuality. Consider enhancing your rig's style and performance with a lift kit that fits your specific needs and shows off your unique style! When it comes to lift kits, looking good is the easy part. Allow Auto Attitudes to take care of the rest.

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Lifted Trucks Problems and Solutions
The Good, The Bad, & The Lifted

Lifted trucks are cool. Sky-high trucks are even cooler. Driving a lifted truck makes you feel like king of the road. But what are the drawbacks that need to be addressed in order for a lifted truck to work reliably and effectively as a daily driver. We'll show you some of the common problems associated with lifted trucks and throw a few solutions your way so you can determine if living with a towering four-wheeled high-rise is for you.

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