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Why Buy WeatherTech?

Auto Attitude blog car truckWeatherTech FloorLiners:

Best Protection         

This is it, the best of the best. The FloorLiner is WeatherTech’s absolute best product to protect your vehicle’s floor well. Each FloorLiner is laser measured specifically to fit your vehicle’s make and model. The FloorLiner accurately and completely lines the interior carpet of the vehicle’s footwell and also features an outer raised edge to protect up the sides. This unique design feature allows the FloorLiner to capture and hold mud, snow, sleet, rain, salt and other messes without them ever coming into contact with the carpet. Created using a more rigid material, the WeatherTech FloorLiner can stand up to whatever mess you can throw at it.

WeatherTech All-Weather Mats:

Better Protection

WeatherTech All-Weather Mats are intended to give the best possible protection for your selected make and model. These flexible all season vehicle floor mats are made from advanced rubber-like, flexible material. Designed to fit snuggly along the bottom of your vehicle’s footwell, WeatherTech All-Weather Mats feature anti-skid ridges on the underside to keep them from shifting in the footwell of your vehicle. Deeply sculpted channels on the top of the mat catch and contain spills, snow, salt, rain, mud, sand and more!

WeatherTech All-Vehicle Mats (AVM®):

Good Protection

WeatherTech AVMs are specifically engineered to fit virtually all flooring, due to their unique shaping and specialized Trim-to-Fit features. The AVM Trim-to-Fit mat is made from a latex-free, rubber-like material that is 100% recyclable. This material is tough enough to stand up to the toughest weather-related messes, while at the same time, letting customers trim them to fit with just a pair of scissors. Outer ridges help keep rain, mud, spills and plenty more contained on the mat and off your interior carpet.

WeatherTech AVM HD (Heavy Duty):

Good Protection

Just like our standard All-Vehicle Mats, the HD version were designed to work with virtually all vehicle flooring. The AVM HD mats are made from the same high-quality rubber-like material, so they won’t break down in harsh weather, and are just as easy to trim to whatever shape and size your vehicle requires. The AVM HD mats also feature a rugged, outer ribbing structure and strategically designed reservoir to capture and trap even more rain, snow, salt, mud, spills and dirt. 

Customer Service and Lifetime Limited Warranty

When you purchase a WeatherTech product, you’re not just receiving the highest quality automotive accessory- you’ll also receive peace of mind that the product is not only high quality, but that we will stand behind it, for a lifetime. Each and every one of our floor mats is designed, engineered and manufactured in America. So, when you purchase one of our floor mats from either us directly or one of our authorized resellers you can rest easy knowing that they’re covered by the WeatherTech Limited Lifetime Warranty. At WeatherTech our customers are our number one priority. Which is exactly why we own and operate our own customer service center. Staffed with highly trained sales specialists, we strive to exceed our customer's expectations at every opportunity. We believe in providing our customers with a world-class level of service. So when you purchase a WeatherTech product you can rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back.

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